Your first reaction could be is that even true? We know that Oregon bats feed on their prey but do they drink water? If yes, then how, when and where? Do they drink from brinks, rivers or metal containers? It must be surprising to know this exciting fact. Bats are nocturnal mammals and like all other mammals they feel thirsty and drink water. Their intake of water can’t be questioned as they drink blood (the vampire categories) and variety of other liquids too! Water is one of those items which they need for survival. Female bats feel more need for water during their lactation period when they nurse their young. Bats feel the need of water immediately after they get out in the dark to start their hunt.

How do Eugene bats find source of water?
You might already be aware that bat is the only mammal which can fly high and for longer distances. It feels thirsty due to these long and exhausting journeys while finding the prey. This is when it finds for water. But have you wondered how are they able to do that? You must have heard squeaks of bat during the night. These squeaks are their tool to identify the area in which they are in. These squeaks help them in identifying a pattern. If it is flying over the city, then the echo of the squeak might reach its ears from all the corners. But when they don’t hear any squeak from upwards direction and rather feel them coming from straight below that is when they know they their flight is over the water. The flat and smooth surface of the lake or pond echoes back their squeak and they take a moment to wet their thirsty throat.

You might think that it is challenging for bats to find water, but this skill is innate in them. now you know the reason of those squeaks!

How do bats drink water?
Since it is hard to spot bats drinking water, it becomes hard to imagine! But they drink water normally like any other mammal. Bats must be extra cautious while taking a sip as ponds in the wild area are infested with active predators who lurk around the water. If bats find the area s safe, then they sit down at the shore and have their sip. But if they are afraid of being hunt then they swoop down the water and drink while they are still in air. They continue to sip and fly until they have their fill.

Bats try to weigh the surroundings and decide their moves accordingly. They are extra cautious about their predators at this time of the hour! The body of bats require lots of water intake but sometimes they fail to do so and lose their energy levels. Residential homes usually spot dead bats near the pool or pond area because of their quest to take enough volumes of water. It might be disturbing to know but if they drink too much then it can result in their immediate death!

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