How Oregon Rodents Use Pheromones To Communicate With Each Other?

Some of you may find it little strange, but it is well proven that Eugene rodents make use of pheromones to communicate with each other. Indeed, they can talk to each other and share their feelings like humans, but the only difference is that they use pheromones for this purpose. Rodents can understand each other’s feelings, pains, and happiness through their own communication techniques. After listening to such details, now you might be excited to know more about pheromones and how rodents use them to establish a communication network. Go through this article to know more about pheromones and the methods of communication used by rodents.

First of all, a pheromone can be defined as a chemical signature that is generally transferred by one animal to the other animal of same species. Studies reveal that in most cases, the pheromones are specific to species and they are used by animals to send some important signals to each other. Sometimes, it can be the information about the presence of predators as well. The similar kind of species can understand that message with ease, and they also respond accordingly. In simple terms, we can say that pheromones released by rodents cannot be understood by snakes and vice versa. It clearly means that pheromones have the ability to change the reactions in another organism as they receive the message.

There are so many types of pheromones; experts usually divide them into four categories such as the signaller, releaser, primer, and modulator. Note that out of all these; the modular pheromone is generally used to change the reactions of the body of an animal. The primer pheromones are able to elicit some changes in the reproductive system performance including estrous cycle and puberty as well. The releaser pheromones on the other hand strike sexual arousal and the opposite sex respond by senses these signals accordingly. If we talk about the signaller pheromones, they are a little bit special. These signals are mostly used by babies to create a bond with their mother.

If you live in an area affected by rodents; these Eugene creatures can use pheromones to transfer details about your habitat as well. When one rodent finds a way to your property, it leaves some pheromones behind to attract other rodents towards your house. In this way, they can multiply within very less time and will create a large colony in your premises. In this way, your house becomes more vulnerable to the rodent attack, and the chances are that you will suffer a huge loss within a few days. Hence, it becomes important to find some way to deal with the rodent attack as soon as possible. The best idea is to take help from wildlife professionals to deal with the rodent attacks. They can ensure you long-term relief from rodents by blocking all unwanted holes and cracks. In most cases, professionals make use of exclusion funnels or live cage traps to deal with rodent infestation to ensure long-term relief.

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