How do Oregon snakes communicate?

Just like human beings, Eugene snakes need to communicate to each other. The communication is normally in place to find breeding partners and also to defend them. Snakes have poor hearing ability and therefore the communications are not done so frequently but during a few times required. The snakes can communicate by many methods which include: vomeronasal system, pheromones, physical combat, hissing and tactile communication.

Vomeronasal system.
The vomeronasal system is very amazing. In this method, snakes get to find a specific direction from which a certain smell is coming from or to know different types of taste. This is by the aid of the Jacobson’s organ which is in the mouth of the Eugene snakes. This is by use of signals from chemicals collected from the environment. The snakes collect the chemicals and put them into the Jacobson’s organ which will use them to know the direction of a certain smell.

Pheromones are chemicals that are used in communication between the snakes. The snakes collect the pheromones and analyze them. The pheromones are normally in lipid form and they communicate different things like the gender, age and the reproduction of a snake. The pheromones are normally used by females which are finding mating partners. The pheromones that please a snake makes it follow the snake.

This combat communication method is done during the breeding season. This is whereby some males want to be physically preferred than others. Snakes in a given place want to be the one breeding the female. The snake that is domineering ends up taking the female in the area. Sometimes this might turn dangerous and some snakes can go to the extent of biting each other but this occurs on rare occasions.

Communication using sounds.
Snakes do not have an advanced hearing system. However, this does not stop them from communicating. There are different species that make different sounds which pass messages between the snakes. Some snake species communicate through hissing. Some can make growing sounds to communicate. The rattle snakes communicate by shaking their rattles making them pass their messages.

Tactile communication.
Tactile communication is almost similar to sign language. In this communication, the snakes use their bodies to pass information physically. This is done by either twitching motion, movement of the tail in a waving manner or when the snakes lift their tails as a sign.

Communication is very important in all animals and the snakes have not been left behind. The snakes get to pass different signals to their partners during the breeding season. The communication also extends as the male is able to find its partner, defend it and protect it against many types of danger. Snakes also get to breed with similar species due to the production of pheromones that make it known to other snakes. Regardless of the method used, the snakes still get their communications done even without having good hearing abilities. This happens at any time they need to communicate and this is a very spectacular gift for the snakes.

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